Russian Cultural Center - Our Texas

RCC – Our Texas is a unique 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that brings Russian culture to Texas via thrilling live music concerts, symphony performances, art and photography exhibits, documentary film screenings and festivals, theater and dance performances, artistic workshops, and language lessons.

Located in the heart of Houston, between West University and Museum District, our center provides access to diverse cultural events, continuing education, and networking opportunities to the Texas community. Everyone is welcome to visit our events, such as:

  • Art and Photo Exhibitions
  • Music Nights
  • Movie Screenings
  • Traditional Festivals
  • Russian-Speaking Tours
  • Book Club

Also, based on the cultural center, we founded a school where we are making Russian Language classes and other activities:

  • Russian Language for Kids & Adults
  • Tea club
  • Social Argentine Tango
  • Qi Gong
  • And more…

Feature events


Bright Flashes

Until December 31. Art Exhibition "Bright Flashes" by young Houston artist Andrei Osipov. All artworks are available for sale.


Russian Holiday Bazaar

Daily, Until January 9. The holiday season is just around the corner. Exchanging gifts has been an essential part of this wonderful time of the year, and the Russian Cultural Center once again is offering unique ethnic souvenirs and gifts that are hard to find anywhere else


New Year for kids

January 4, at 1:00 pm in MATCH. We invite you to the unique show with cute and smart animals! The show is a unique blend of physical comedy, world-champion juggling and the extraordinary talents of more than 30 pets.

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Russian Language

School for Kids


Our school for kids is aimed to help you to improve your general linguistic communication skills. Classes are focusing on all-round language in small-sized classes. 

Skills which your child will receive is a firm foundation in grammar and vocabulary, plus fluency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Classes for Adults


Our classes for Adults offers a more in-depth study of the Russian language. You will have more study time to improve your communication skills through role-plays and simulation exercises.

We offer tuition in mini-groups only (up to 4 students per group in low season and up to 6 students per group in high season).


Argentine Social Tango

tango_front_4_6 copy

Argentine tango is a partnered social dance, in which the couple embraces to dance.  Learn close embrace Argentine tango in “Milongero” style, have fun and dance till 100 years old!

Qi Gong


Qi Gong is a centuries-old system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial-arts training. 

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