Moscow Theatre Shalom Presents “Cat Leopold” for Kids

Moscow Theatre Shalom is back in the US and first time in Texas preforming funny musical “Cat Leopold” for kids.

At the request of Russian audiences in the United States, Moscow Theater Shalom is back in US and for the first time in Texas, performing a funny musical for kids “Cat Leopold”. The author of this musical is a famous Russian writer and comedian Arkady Khait. The play is based on the cartoon serial “Birthday of Cat Leopold”.

Theater “Shalom” is the only professional Jewish theater in Russia. It was founded in 1988. After its tour around the United States, American fund “Sholom Aleichem Memorial Foundation” named it the best Jewish theater in the world.

“Cat Leopold” is known very well from Russian cartoons, where aggressive mice fight against the poor cat. This fight is heavy and very funny and we do not know who is going to win: the mice or the cat.

Music – by Boris Savelyev
Stage Director – Vizma Vitols
Artistic Director – Alexander Levenbook.

This musical will take place at JCC Kaplan Theater; 5601 South Braeswood Blvd. Houston, TX 77096 on February 16, 7:00 p.m.

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