We have a home!

Dear Friends of the Russian Cultural Center,

We’d like to share some wonderful news: the Russian Cultural Center now has a permanent home. After all the efforts we made to find a location, fate intervened and allowed us to purchase the building at our present location. It’s small, but it’s all ours!

In order to do so we have had to take on significant debt (we would like to stop here to express our heartfelt thanks to friends of RCC who were willing to lend us these funds), fill out reams of paperwork, endure many formalities but now – the building is ours! If we had not had such a strong response from you, our friends and supporters, to our call for support last summer, we would never have dared taking the crucial step and purchase the building. But your response to our appeal helped us to believe in our strength and validated the mission of the RCC. We realized that the Russian Cultural Center is needed; that our supporters want us to remain in Houston’s Museum District, close to major urban centers of art and culture, near to Rice University and the University of St. Thomas; and that a center representing not just the Russian, but the culture of all the former Soviet republics, was considered of value to Houston.

Please allow us once again to thank our friends and patrons who helped us raise the close to $ 8,000 that assisted in the down payment. They are:

  • Meryl Abbott
  • Anya Barnes
  • Sergei Belostotsky
  • Olga Bennett
  • Mark Bernadiner
  • Irina Borisova
  • Donna Collins
  • Aleksandr Dadashian
  • NYS Co. of Dallas, TX
  • Konstantin Dragomirov
  • Viktoria Filippov
  • Alex Genin
  • Maestro Hans & Margarita Graf
  • Tanya Grinblat
  • Dmitri Grinblat
  • Ariana Grinblat
  • Michael Hanten
  • Michael Harrison
  • Brian Jones
  • Anna Kazanskaya
  • Lilya Khakimova
  • Mikhail Kolonin
  • Mark Krasnov
  • Richard Kummins
  • Richard Layfield
  • Yuri Lebzak
  • Larisa Loiferman
  • David Mandel
  • Bruce Misamore
  • Tamara and Alex Mitrofanov
  • Elena Mitrofanova
  • Julio Montano
  • Mila Moroz
  • Mark Nolan
  • Alla Novowiejski
  • Liya and Alex Ostrovsky
  • Galina Oxley
  • Hana Pinard
  • Vladimir Potoman
  • Pawel Przyticki
  • Anna Levitina and Alex Kogan, Russian Grocery Store proprietors
  • Alex Rutman
  • Yulia and Maksim Skormin
  • Tatiana Sorkin
  • Aaron Spack
  • Katherine Streit
  • Mikhail Tuvim
  • Olga Vainer
  • Irina Volgina
  • Valeriya Volodina
  • Natalya Waight
  • Lisa Whitaker
  • Elena Wunderlich
  • Elena and Mark Zaltsberg

It is due to your support and generosity, dear friends, that has helped RCC to survive and to grow!

Of course, we pale in comparison to the Czech Cultural Center, located just a few blocks from us, which justly and proudly calls itself a museum. Some visitors to RCC complain about the parking, some about the cramped venue and urge us to tear everything down to the studs and rebuild. Dear friends, patience, please, not everything can be done at once! Our present finances do not yet allow us to build a “Palace of Culture”, even though we dream of it in the future. Our first task is to implement less ambitious but much needed projects. We need to paint the interior walls, which we will do this summer, when there are fewer activities going on in the center.

Our most pressing project, however, is to replace the gallery lighting to energy-saving lamp fixtures. 60 bulbs burn in our art gallery alone, producing a great deal of ambient heat, overheating the light switches, spinning the electric meter. Rather than paying the soaring electricity bills, we need install LED replacement bulbs and new switches at an estimated cost of $2,500.

We will make these improvements step-by-step, of course, but anyone who donates even $10 to us will be able to see exactly where his donation went. Just touch one of the light switches when you come to the next exhibition, you will see your dollars at work: No burnt fingers!

To mark the 70th Anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany, 1945-2015, we are preparing a unique exhibition of historic photographs, which we want to show the greatest number of residents and visitors to the city, many of whom have very little understanding of the war that cost over 50 million lives, over 20 million from the Soviet Union alone. The exhibition will open one month prior to the Victory Day, April 9. We need to open it in our gallery with new lighting. We will be very grateful for any financial assistance in the implementation of this project. You can send a check to our address or make donations online by visiting our website www.ourtexas.org. Your donations to the Russian Cultural Center, an IRS Registered 501(c)(3) organization, are tax deductible. As an incentive, some members of our Board of Directors have pledged to match your donation up to $100. Take the challenge, donate today.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of the Russian Cultural Center, thank you,
Sophia Grinblat

RCC is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization and your charitable gifts are tax deductible.

Please make your check payable to the

Russian Cultural Center “Our Texas”
and mail it to
2337 Bissonnet Houston, Texas 77005



Thank you in advance for your support!

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