Russian Song Festival

KSP-South is a group of enthusiastic people that organizes biannual gatherings called Slyots (literally translated as “fly-ins”) and helps unite all Russian-speaking people who enjoy the Russian style of camping.

KSP in translation stands for the Club of Amateur Song. These songs are usually written by average people about their ordinary lives, yet the simple human experience of each song is translated into a powerful message of wisdom and truth, about the value of friendship, family, and love.

Slyots of KSP-South are held twice a year, and organizers try very hard to make everyone feel welcome, even those whose song selection varies slightly from the traditional KSP style.  By bringing together the Russian speaking community, KSP-South not only allows them to experience their culture, but also to expose their spouses, children and friends to this beautiful Russian tradition.

With questions write to us at  or call at 713-395-3301. Also, if you (or someone you know) would like to receive email reminders from us regarding KSP events, please let us know.

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