Feature Events

Russian Holiday Bazaar

November 20, 2019 – January 9, 2020

The holiday season is just around the corner. Exchanging gifts has been an essential part of this wonderful time of the year, and the Russian Cultural Center once again is offering unique ethnic souvenirs and gifts that are hard to find anywhere else:

  • Wooden figures of Father Frost and beautiful icons;
  • Expanded Collection of traditional blue-and-white porcelain – Gzhel;
  • Colorful handmade and hand painted wooden tableware called “Khokhloma”;
  • Beautiful Russian tea sets – by the famous porcelain factories, such as Lomonosov (Imperial) Porcelain Factory, Dulevo porcelain factory, and others;
  • Famous Tula samovars;
  • And of course, you’ll find here the famous Russian nesting dolls – Matreshkas.

Art Exhibition "Bright Flashes"

November 15, 2019 at 7:30pm CST – December 31, 2019

Paintings (oil and acrylic) by young Houston artist Andrei Osipov.

Andrei has always been drawn to the visual medium. Even as a child, he saw visual patterns in all surrounding things. Since Andrey started taking representational painting art classes at the age of 13, the art became a major driving force for him.

Opening Reception and meeting with the artist:
Friday, November 15, 7:30 p.m.

All artworks are available for sale.

Admission is FREE!

New Year for kids with Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

January 4, 2020 from 13:00 at MATCH

We invite you to the unique show with cute and smart animals!

The show is a unique blend of physical comedy, world-champion juggling and the extraordinary talents of more than 30 pets.

Coming from the family of Russian circus performers (fourth generation), Gregory Popovich learned early on how to develop strong bonds with animals. His great family show features an amazing cast of house cats, dogs, parrots and even geese and mice!

Gregory Popovich has personally adopted over 150 pets during his career, and has found homes for over 250 pets.

Gregory has performed in over 6,000 live shows in 48 states and 350 cities in the USA, and also in more than 30 countries on five continents. He was also the first Russian circus performer to ever have his own full-sized show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Argentine Tango in “Milongero” Style

Every Thursday, 7:00 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.

Argentine tango is a partnered social dance, in which the couple embraces to dance.  Learn close embrace Argentine tango in “Milongero” style.

Classes for EVERYBODY, for all levels.

Foundations: balance, connection, posture, embrace, rhythmical patterns.
Energy and fluidity versus strength and control.
How to have fun and dance till 100 years old.

No partner required

Private classes available upon request

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Qi Gong

Every Monday at 7:00p.m. 

We are resuming Qi Gong classes at our Cultural Center 2337 Bissonet! Instructor – Larisa Ermishina. Hope to see you on Mondays evening!

Qi Gong is a centuries-old system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial-arts training.