Tapestry Art Exhibition and Sale – Russian Landscapes and More.

We welcome you to the new Tapestry Art Exhibition at the Russian Cultural Center. Here you can enjoy and also purchase a machine-woven tapestry based on the works of famous Russian artists like V. Polenov, I. Shishkin, F.Alekseev with natural landscapes, city landscapes, still life, and more. We are excited to present wall tapestries that will make your homes cozy and would remind you of nostalgic views of Saint-Petersburg and beautiful Russian nature.

You can purchase:

Single tapestries

Collection of similar thematical tapestries: still life, city landscapes, natural landscapes, modern tapestry,  and more.

ADMISSION TO THE GALLERY IS FREE! Stop by the Russian Cultural Center to check this exhibition!

Tapestry Art: History

Hand-woven Tapestry:
Tapestry, as a type of decorative and applied art, previously represented a lint-free carpet with an ornamental or thematical composition, woven by hand using the cross-weaving method. In order to create a tapestry, the master had to be skillful in the specifics of weaving, as well as possess an exquisite taste of the artist, understand the pattern, chiaroscuro, and color, and be able to combine textures and shades.

Machine-made Tapestry:
Tapestries woven by hand by artists have always been very expensive. In the past, they were only available to nobility and wealthy merchants, and now modern tapestries cost as much as any other work of high-end art. However, after the transition to factory production, high-quality machine-made tapestries became available to everyone and are produced everywhere in the world. France, Italy, Germany, and Belgium are considered the best tapestry producers.
Tapestries presented in our Gallery are machine-made but have a unique nostalgic theme that could be hard to find in the US.

Tapestry Practicality

Tapestry paintings are more practical than canvas paintings The fabric production technology makes them resistant to adverse environmental factors:
• Special impregnation prevents fading, dampness of the fabric.
• The thickness of two to three strands guarantees durability, resistance to deformation.
• Dust can be easily removed with a damp cloth.
When you chose a tapestry over a canvas as a decoration for your home, workplace, or summer house, you would not regret it. It is a long-lasting and not expensive piece of art that would make your space special and cozy. It is also a great gift for any occasion – from housewarming and birthdays to New Year.

Stop by the Russian Cultural Center to check our exhibition.


Aug 09 2021 - Sep 30 2021


All Day
Russian Cultural Center - Our Texas


Russian Cultural Center - Our Texas
2337 Bissonnet, Houston, TX 77005

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