RCC History

The Russian Cultural Center "Our Texas", RCC for short, was created in 2003 to provide a place for Russian artists, actors, photographers, musicians and performers to promote their work. Since its creation, RCC has grown from a personal dream of its founder, Sophia Grinblat, into a dynamic team of board members dedicated to bringing Russian cultural events to Texas.

Most notably, in 2007, RCC opened a venue in the heart of the Houston West University and the Museum District area as a refuge for local art lovers. It continues to evolve as an exhibition space, workshop, classroom, concert hall and film screening site.

A Look Back at our Previous Events

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December 21, 2013 - March 7, 2014
Art Exhibition by Valentina Kisseleva “Midsummer Dream”
January 18
Julian Calendar New Year Celebration
January 31
Movie Screening: Documentary "Ballerina"
February 22
3rd Annual Gala
February 28
The evening dedicated to 70th Anniversary of the Leningrad Blockade Lifting at University of St.Thomas, Jones Hall
March 2
Concert by Alexey Ivaschenko
March 16
Russian Spring Celebration
March 28
Movie Screening “Boris Eifman. Ballet Rehearsal”


January 12 - April 4
Photo Exhibition by Victoria Asinovsky “Prague”
January 18
Movie Screening: Nest of the Gentry
January 26
Solo Recital by opera diva Albina Shagimuratova
February 22
Movie Screening: А Cruel Romance
February 23
Master Class with miniaturist Lyudmila Babaeva
March 3
Russian Spring Celebration
March 10
Concert by Russian writer Victor Shenderovich
March 22
Musical Evening "Music and Prague"
March 31
Concert by Russian songwriter Veronika Dolina
April 6 - July 31
Book Illustration Exhibition
April 12
Musical Evening "St.Petersburg. Declaration of love"
April 19
Alex Titov presents: American and Russian Jazz Standards
April 22
FOTOFEST Presentation. Meeting with Russian and Ukrainian photographers
April 26 - 28
20th Traditional Song Festival - KSP
April 30
Musical Evening “Rite of Spring”
May 10
Concert by Russian songwriter Alexei Ivaschenko
May 17
Musical Evening “In Memory of Van Cliburn”
May 31 - September 5
Art Exhibition by Yuliya Lanina
June 10
Russian books presentation by Georgiy Urushadze
June 15
Concert by Russian guitar player and singer Roman Lankin
August 24
Used Book Fair
September 21 - November 27
Art Exhibition “People, City and Light”
October 21- 26
7th Russian Documentary Showcase “Images of Russia”
November 8 - 10
21th traditional song festival KSP
November 15
The book signing with Dr. Agris
December 7
Concert by singer Elena Fray “Russian romances from Glinka to Rachmaninoff”
December 15
Christmas and New Year Celebration for kids


Nov 11 - Feb 29
Art Exhibition "Russian Tango" by Zhenya Rock
January 7 - April 6
Art Exhibition "Our Colorful World" by Victoria Kovalenchikova
January 13th Annual Gala "Old Russian New Year Eve Celebration" Honoring Maestro Hans Graf
January 27th Musical Evening "Bach in a Style of Jazz"
February 11th Used Book Fair
February 12 “In one Voice” – concert by Russian bard Aleksey Brunov
February 24 Movie screening “Nyama” – documentary about Russian composer Nikolay Myaskovsky
March 3
Musical Evening deducated to Feodor Chaliapin
March 9 - May 31
FotoFest – Photo exhibition "POST-" – photographer Vyshemirsky
March 20
Musical Evening dedicated to Alexander Scriabin
March 25
Fourth Russian Spring Celebration
March 30
Movie screening “Harvest Time” by Marina Razbezhkina
April 13
Movie screening “The Desert of Forbidden Art”
April 15
Concert by famous guitar player, master of classical guitar and flamenco Grisha Goryachev
April 27-29
Russian Song Festival
April 30
Musical evening w/ maestro Hans Graf dedicated to Dmitry Shostakovich
May 5
Concert by Russian bards Sergey and Tatiana Nikitin
May 12
Concert by Russian comic author George Frumker
May 31
Movie Screening “Forgive me, Sergey”
June 1
Comic show by famous KVN team RUDN
June 9 - November 30
Art Exhibition by Olga Porter “Point of View”
July 20- Dececember 31
Art Exhibition by Elena Vasilyeva
September 7 - December 31
Art Exhibition by Svetlana Fotin
September 28
Movie Screening: Across the Narrow Bridge
October 12
Movie Screening: Odna (Alone)
October 22-27 6th Russian Documentary Showcase
November 2-4 Traditional Song Festival KSP
November 10 - December 31
Bulgarian Art Exhibition "Northern Voices"
November 14 Evening of Gypsy Music with Greg Harbar
December 15 Children’s celebration of Christmas and New Year

December 21

Movie Screening: Gypsies are found near heaven


January 8th New Year's Celebration for Kids
January 12th Singer-Songwriter Yuliy Kim in Concert
January 14th Musical Evening: Tchaikovsky Traveling
January 22nd Dmitry Legut - Blues Concert
January 28th Movie Screening: Yuz, jazz, Irka and the Dog
February - March Art Exhibition "Fusion of Arts"
February 11th Chamber Music Concert "Taste of France"
February 25th Movie Screening: Ernst Neizvestny's Bronze Age
March 6th Russian Spring Celebration
March 12th Space Exhibition: Yuri Gagarin
March 25th Movie Screening: Konstantin and Mouse
April 8 - June 30 Photo Exhibition “Reflected Artifacts” by Gennady Meergus
April 9th Musical Evening in Honor of M. Rostropovich
April 15th - 17th Russian Song Fest
April 23rd Singer-songwriter A. Gorodnitsky in Concert
May 16 Musical Evening with Maestro Hans Graf, dedicated to Igor Stravinsky
May 17 Concert by Russian bard Michail Kochetkov
May 22 Concert by Galina Homchik
June 8 Concert by Russian bard Andrey Kozlovsky
August 26th - 30th Photo Exhibition of Valentin Gertsman
September 24th Musical Evening: 70th Anniversary of Babi Yar
September 30th Alexander Sherbina in Concert
October 7th Movie Screening: "Russian Journey"
October 21st - 23rd Russian Song Festival - KSP
October 24th - 29th 5th Russian Documentary Film Showcase
Nov 11th - Jan 31st Art Exhibition: "Russian Tango" by Zhenya Rock
November 14th Musical Evening with Hans Graf: Sergei Rachmaninoff
November 18th Documentary Movie Screening "Anna Achmatova" by Helga Landauer & Anatoly Naiman
December 16th
Documentary Movie Screening "A Journey of Dmitry Shostakovich" by Maria Dvornichenko, Helga Landauer
December 18th Children's Celebration of Russian Christmas and New Year


Jan 11th - May 25th Jewelry Exhibition "Dichroic Fantasy"
January 14th Musical Evening with Kirll Gerstejn
January 25th Art Exhibition "Flowers of Ukraine"
January 29th Movie Screening: Vladimir Vysotsky: Death of Poet
February 5th Russian Composers Evening: M. Glinka
February 25th Art Exhibition "Magapolis"
February 19th Russian Composer Evening: I Schwartz
Feb 25th - May 31st Russian Spring Bazaar
February 26th Movie Screening: Prokofiev: The Unfinished Diary
March 7th Russian Spring Fest
March 20th Concert of bard Michail Feldman
March 26th Movie Screening: Nabokov: The Happy Years
March 31st Presentation of Opera "Queen of Spades"
April 9th Rachmaninoff Birthday Celebration
April 11th Concert of Guitar Virtuoso G. Goryachev
April 16th - 18th Russian Song Festival KSP
April 30th Movie Screening: Marilyn Monroe, Anthony Quinn and the other: the sars factory of Michael Chekhov
May 14th Musical Evening: Khachaturian & His Circle
May - August Summer Jewelry Collection
June 18th Movie Screening: Blockade
March - August Fotofest 2010: Saint Petersburg - Houston: Cities by Touch
May - July Photo Exhibition "The Inner Space of War"
September 13th Special Evening with Maestro Hans Graf
September 24th Movie Screening: It is pity that You are not with us. Vasily Aksenov
October 22nd - 24th Russian Song Fest
August - October Photo Exhibition "Beyond the Frames"
October 25th - 30th Documentary Showcase "Images of Russia"
August - October Fall Jewelry Collection
November - January Art Exhibition "Life is a Dream"
November 19th Movie Screening: Binka
December 3rd Movie Screening: Yidishe Mame
April 9th Rachmaninoff Birthday Celebration


Jan 30th, 31st Film Screening: Last Kiss
March 2nd Russian Composer Birthday Celebration: M.P. Mussorgsky
March 8th Russian Spring Celebration
April 1st Igor Irteniev Concert
April 19th Concert of Guitar Virtuoso G. Goryachev
February - April Art Exhibition "A Woman's Fairytale"
April 24th - 26th Russian Song Fest
Spring 2009 Movie Screenings
May 8th Concert "The Love Story"
May 11th Tchaikovsky Birthday Celebration
May 23rd Poetry Reading
June 6th Concert of Milana Nova
June - August Icons Exhibition
August 31st Art Exhibition "The Old City"
May 16th - Aug 31st Photo Exhibit: "Recollection of Havana"
September 14th Russian Composers: Shostakovich
September 23rd Israeli Singers Concert
October 2nd - 4th Russian Song Festival
October 14th Concert of Pavel Fahrtdinov
October 19th - 24th 3rd Documentary Film Showcase
November 13th Movie Screening
November 20th Movie Screening "Man with Movie Camera"
December 12th Concert of Singer-songwriter Yury Lores
December 27th New Year's Party for Kids
December 31st Christmas Bazaar


January 25th Film Screening: "The War Symphonies: Shostakovich against Stalin"
January 29th St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre Reception
April Song Festival KSP
March - April Houston FotoFest 2008
March - April Art Exhibition Water Miracles
May 19th Bel Canto: Albina Shagimuratova
August 8th Recital
October Houston Ballet Presentation
October 17th & 18th Song Festival KSP
October 20t - 25th Film Screening
November 20th Documentary Film Showcase
Nov 21st & 22nd Zlata Razdolina`s Concert
September - November Film Screening
September - November Art exhibition: Two Cities


January 3rd Salo-Vey Concert
January 12th Grand Opening
January - March Photo Exhibition: "Two Visions or Matter of Fact"
February 10th Licedei Clown-Mime Theatre
Feb 22nd – 24th Russian Documentary Showcase 2007
March 11th Reading Circle
March 17th In-house film Screening "Опасно свободный человек"
Mar 29th – July 30th Art Exhibition "Time Reflections"
April 15th Reading Circle
April 27th Song Festival KSP
June 15th In-house film Screening "Легенда о Сурамской крепости"
September 29th Reading Circle
September 29th In-house Film Screening "Yellow Stars"
October Song Festival KSP
October - February Art Exhibition "Ballet"
October 26th Evening of Russian Song
November 7th Houston Premiere of Carmen Suite
November 14th Russian Play "Everything is going to be all right as you want it"
December 8th Evening with Conductor
December Reading Circle
December Kids Drawing Exhibition "Our Houston"


February 16th Shalom Theater "Cat Leopold" Musical for Kids
February 21st Laima Vaikule
March 24th Yelena Kamburova
April Song Festival KSP
Sept - Oct Song Festival KSP
October 7th Bi2
November 3rd Peter Mamonov
November 13th "Indian Summer" Varpakhovski Theater
Nov 27th – Dec 15th Caroling for Kids


January 8th New Year Celebration and Circus
April Song Festival KSP
April - May Exhibition "The Year of Russia"
May 5th Concert Devoted to Victory Day
Sept - November Exhibition "Pushkin in my life"
November 12th Ludmila Shtern
November 19th "Family Dinner" Varpakhovski Theater


January 30th Exhibition of Young Artists Anna Ataeva and Konstantin Sheyko
February 14th Ball (#100 of Russian newspaper "Our Texas")
March 3rd Boris Grebenschikov and "Aquarium"
April 20th "Salome" (Roman Viktyuk Theater)
April - May Song Festival KSP
June 25th Valerij Sutkin
September 19th In-Grid
September 26th Nikolay Didenko "The Night of Russian Romance"
October Song Festival KSP
October 1st Cabaret (Mark Rozovskiy Theater"By Nikitsky Gates")
October 19th Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum
November 17th Moscow Operetta
December 19th Irina Allegrova


March 5th Master and Margarita (Roman Viktyuk Theater)
April Song Festival KSP
September 10th "The Persian lilac" (Theater "Sovremennik")
September 29th Klara Novikova
September Song Festival KSP
October 23rd Vladimir Spivakov and Moscow Virtuosi
October 29th Victor Shenderovich