Russian Language for Kids

Our languaage classes for adult is aimed to help you to improve your general linguistic communication skills. Classes are focusing on all-round language in small-sized classes. 

Skills which your child will receive is a firm foundation in grammar and vocabulary, plus fluency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

up to 4 Kids

Small-size classes

1 Hour per Class

Class duration

Saturday Sunday

Classes days

2.5-12 Years

Age group

Our Program

The program developed by our teachers is an adapted version of the Russian language classes of the country’s leading schools. Our program is suitable for children from both Russian-speaking and non-Russian-speaking families.

 The learning process is divided into mini-sessions, consisting of 5 lessons. The unique communicative technique allows you to immerse yourself in the language environment instantly and cast aside shyness and uncertainty.

There is always the opportunity to engage with a teacher individually. Learning a language at your own pace with maximum efficiency. Ideal for working on knowledge of a specific topic or work on a specific skill

Our Classes

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