Russian Language School

Our school was established in 2010 and over the last decade have built a reputation for providing high quality Russian language courses among children and adults.

Our mission is to provide great quality at affordable prices. Whether you would like to learn Russian language for business or for everyday life and communication or just for your own pleasure,

We have a everything that meets your needs!

School for Kids

Our school for children is aimed to help you to improve your general linguistic communication skills. Classes are focusing on all-round language

Skills which your child will receive is a firm foundation in grammar and vocabulary, plus fluency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

  • Age from 2.5 to 12
  • Small-size classes, up to 4 students
  • Classes on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Classes duration 1-hour

School for Adults

Our school for Adults offers a more in-depth study of the Russian language. You will have more study time to improve your communication skills through role-plays and simulation exercises.

 We offer tuition in mini-groups only (up to 4 students per group in low season and up to 6 students per group in high season).

  • Classes meet on Monday, Tuesday or Saturday
  • Individual Approach
  • For all language levels from Beginners to Advanced

Speaking classes

Russian tea evening – is a speaking club where you can practice your speaking skills and improve your confidence in conversations. Tea evenings held by native speakers. At the end of the evening will indicate the main mistakes of the participants of the evening and advise on possible solutions.

  • Evening lusts for 1,5 hours
  • You can drink Russian tea and try famous Russian deserts for free
  • Each evening will have its theme (music, culture, etc.)
  • It is interactive invent with music, clips, VR and even more

Our Stuff

Tatiana Mechtchanskaia

My name is Tatiana Mechtchanskaia. I am originally from Moscow. I have a Ph.D, in Electrical Engineering. While in Moscow, I have worked for many years in the Moscow Radio Communication Institute as an engineer, as well as I had extensive experience in teaching Electrical Engineering subjects, as well as Russian language to the Foreign Students studying at our Institute. In Houston, I have taught Russian language to NASA, Boeing, and British Petroleum employees, as well as in the University of Houston.