ENROLLMENT IS OPEN for a new semester at the Russian Language School. Register your children today for interactive in-person or online Russian lessons. Classes start September 3rd, 2022

It’s time for OPEN ENROLLMENT at the Russian Language School for the upcoming semester! REGISTER NOW! Group classes are available EVERY  Saturday & Sunday starting September 3td, 2022. We accept children ages 3 thru 14. Hurry up and secure your spot at the School!

Sign your children up for small-group (up to 4 kids in class) in-person or online  Russian language classes starting in September for Saturday & Sunday groups. Individual Russian lessons and online classes are also offered during a week suitable for homeschooling children.  

Cultural Center Our Texas offers Russian as a foreign language and Russian as a native language classes depending on your child’s level. We welcome all levels of Russian language knowledge, as our goal is to enhance your child’s comprehension, reading and speaking skills in Russian.  Call us for more information and to schedule the first  lesson. The classes are filling up quickly! 

Don’t hesitate to contact us so we could accommodate your schedule and find the best suited group and time for your child. 

If you are looking to immerse your child in a new language or trying to interest in Russian culture consider enrolling them to Russian Language School.  Cultural Center Our Texas in Houston is a unique space where your kids can learn the Russian language in a motivating environment under the supervision of a native-speaking teacher. The lessons are held in an interactive and age-appropriate manner and are accommodating to all levels of Russian language knowledge.

Ages: 3 thru 14 years old.

Dates: Every Saturday & Sunday.

Class duration: 60 minutes.

Location: Cultural Center “Our Texas” – 2337 Bissonnet St., Houston, TX

Children learning Russian language in a class
Girl and boy learning Russian Language in a class

Group class PRICE: $25, discounts for siblings.

Private and Online classes are also available upon request.

Sign Up your kids for Russian Language School today! 

More information on Russian Language teacher and Russian Literature used during the class will follow.

We encourage parents and children to use our Russian Language library. It has a variety of classical and contemporary Russian literature as well as translations of books by famous world-known authors from around the globe.

Benefits of Learning Russian As A Second Language For Kids:

Gives insights into the Cultures of Russian-Speaking World

Russian language is spoken in many nations. First, Russia is a beautiful diverse and multiethnic society, there are more than 120 ethnic groups in Russian Federation, many with their national territories. Many bordering countries share the same history and speak Russian on their territories. Russian language will give your child a great opportunity to learn, visit, connect with these cultures and their people.

Cognitive development and academic performance

Learning any other language than your native improves memory, concentration, critical thinking ability. It is never too late to start learning a second language. But learning a second (or third, or forth) language in young age will greatly improve your child’s creativity, listening skills and comprehension.

Boost confidence

Learning any foreign language, including the Russian language is not an easy task, and making mistakes and acknowledging them is a part of learning process. Often kids who learn a second language in small-group setting or even on-on-one with the teacher, are also learning to put themselves out of their comfort zone, while practicing speaking or writing in the foreign language. But as many of us know, there is no better sense of accomplishment than conversing with someone on their native language.

Advancement in the Future Education / Career

Russian Language Lessons can greatly improve chances for advancement in future education and career, especially if your child starts to learn language at a very young age. For example, ability to write, read and comprehend in Russian gives your child an access to incredible sources of information in social and natural sciences.

Communication with relatives and travelling

For bilingual kids of immigrants and mixed parents, it is important to learn Russian language to be able to communicate with their family members, understand and cherish their culture, and travel as well. Many immigrant families loose connection with their ethnic cultures in the second generation, but it does not have to be that way. Learning a native language of their parents is a first step to continue important traditions and encourage diversity in our society.  



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