in red and black

Igor Karash

Igor Karash is a versatile illustrator and designer with a career spanning over thirty years. As an illustrator he has collaborated with some major Russian, British, and US publishers including Detskaya Literatura (Moscow), Kniga Publishing House (Moscow), Folio Society (London), Vita Nova (St. Petersburg), and JSJ Productions in New York. Igor’s book illustrations and poster series won prestigious awards in the US, in the UK, and in Russian Federation including the Book Illustration Competition held by the House of Illustration in the UK, American Illustration 32, 34 and 38, 3×3 Magazine, Society of Illustrators in New York and the Golden Bee Biennial in Moscow.
Igor’s two latest projects, GULAG Action Figures and Monsters of Revolution (both are winners of the 3×3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration Professional Show and the Society of Illustrators 61 Annual), explore the wild and unruly landscape of perversion and violence that swept over post-Soviet Russia. Both projects were featured in TASCHEN 100 Best Illustrators Around the Globe curated by Steven Heller and Julius Weidemann (Taschen, 2019)

Exhibition "In Red and Black"

IN RED AND BLACK series is Igor’s tribute to commemorate Red October, The 100 years anniversary of the Bolshevik coup that went into history as The Great October Revolution. What triggered this series was a visit to the expansive exhibit at The Art Institute in Chicago entitled REVOLUTSIA DEMONSTRATSIA. 

As an illustrator and designer, I have always been inspired by the masters of the Russian Avant Garde, but my series about monsters of the revolution is an attempt to reveal the real face of Bolshevism.

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