Our art school program is designed for children to learn to see, understand and feel painting, to speak in the language of colors.  Children will be able to express themselves and their emotions, to show their imagination and to create memorable works, which could be the beginning of their creative path. Learn more about the benefits of arts for children. 

In our lessons the children will be able to see how art is reflected in everything that surrounds us, in the diversity of the environment: green parks, trees and flowers, the sky and clouds of Houston, in the sand and warm water of the Gulf of Mexico.

We will work with a variety of techniques and learn how to create interesting works of art using not only paint brushes, but also toothbrushes and cotton swabs.

To participate in the art program children don’t need to have special skills, what is important is the desire to paint and work with paints.

The author’s methods of work with children include:

  • The use of game methods and techniques in the learning process.
  • Short information sessions with the explanation of the task of the lesson, the technique that will be used to create the work.
  • In the process of work, children are not criticized, but their successes are emphasized,
  • The joint discussion of the finished work allows each child to feel his or her strength and desire to develop his or her creativity. 

The Art Program teaches children of different ages.

The Art program instructor is Natalia Kachanova – Rhodes, artist and art therapist. She has a great experience in conducting developmental classes for children. More than 7 years she led the “School of Public Speaking” for teenagers in Ukraine. 

Sunday, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Price $20/per class
Please call at 713-395-3301 or write to russianculturalcenter@gmail.com for details and scheduling.
We are following CDC safety instructions due to COVID-19 pandemic.
Art School for Kids