Russian Language School - Russian Language Classes for Adults and Children

Our school was established in 2010 and over the last decade have built a reputation for providing high-quality Russian language courses among children and adults.

The Mission of Russian Language School is to provide great quality, flexible schedule, and personalized experience at affordable prices. Whether you would like to learn the Russian language for business or for everyday life and communication or just for your own pleasure,

We have everything that meets your needs!

Russian Language School is conveniently located in the Cultural Center Our Texas at the heart of the Houston Museum District.

We also accommodate the needs of our students and are happy to offer online language lessons. Contact the Russian Cultural Center for details, prices, and schedules. 


Cultural Center Our Texas in Houston is a unique space where your kids can learn the Russian language in a motivating environment under the supervision of a native-speaking teacher. The lessons are held in an interactive and age-appropriate manner and are accommodating to all levels of Russian language knowledge.

Skills which your child will receive are a firm foundation in grammar and vocabulary, plus fluency in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our school for children is aimed to help you to improve your general linguistic communication skills. 

  • Age from 3 to 14
  • Small-size classes, up to 4 students
  • Classes on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Classes duration 1-hour
  • Siblings Discounts

Our school for Adults offers an in-depth study of the Russian language. You will have more study time to improve your communication skills through role-plays and simulation exercises.
Cultural Center Our Texas Language School has a multiple-level system and challenges students to advance with their peers. We move students from one level to a level according to their progress.

We offer tuition in small groups only (up to 4 in the low season and up to 6 in the high season). Russian Language for Adults classes are offered in an online setting.

  • Classes meet online
  • Individual Approach
  • For all language levels from Beginners to Advanced
  • Skill study