Why chess lessons important for us? 

  • Boosts creativity 

  • Sharpens concentration and memory 

  • Encourages logic and critical thinking

  • Improves reading comprehension and math skills

  • Teaches risk management

The Chess teacher: 

Elena Stuckert has been providing chess instructions to students in Los Angeles County, CA for more than 5 years. Her students are recognized as winners in the International Chess Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2021.


Ms. Stuckert holds a Bachelor’s Degree in the Teachings of Science. She is a Certified US Chess Federation Coach.


Sunday, 1:30 pm

Price $20/per class
Please call at 713-395-3301 or write to russianculturalcenter@gmail.com for details and scheduling.
We are following CDC safety instructions due to COVID-19 pandemic!