ART AND WINE EVENT: Love in Neurographic Art Technique

Cultural Center “Our Texas” warmly welcomes you to our Art and Wine series. This month, we present “Love in Neurographic Technique” on Saturday, October 28, at 3:00 pm. Dive deep into a transformative evening that blends the charm of art with the subtlety of wine, all wrapped in the fascinating world of neurographics.

What is Neurographics?

Rooted in the science of neuroplasticity, it is an innovative art form that converts our mental patterns into lines and forms on paper. Neurographic drawings help channel emotions, clarify thoughts, and stimulate the brain’s creative centers. The results? Stunning artworks that are deeply personal and reflective of the creator’s inner world.

Our program will start with a comprehensive introduction to neurographics and its profound applications in psychological practices. Guided by the expertise of our resident artist, Natalia Kachanova-Rhodes, you’ll be empowered to craft an artwork that resonates with your feelings and thoughts.

Saturday, October 28 | 3:00 pm | Tickets – $40 per person | Supplies included

No Prior Experience? No Problem!

We believe that art is for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or have never held a paintbrush, you’re invited to join us.

About the Artist.
Natalia Kachanova-Rhodes – Artist, Art Therapy Coach; she had been fascinated with art all her life, painting since her childhood years. In 2020 she had her “Tree-ology” exhibition on view at the Cultural Center “Our Texas.


Oct 28 2023


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm



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